Company: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

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Made by the manufacturer Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, this testosterone supplement is designed to regulate testosterone levels in order to maximize muscle gain throughout the body. Unlike other testosterone supplements aimed at men over the age of 40, this supplement is designed to supplement excess testosterone to those who are looking to gain extra muscle mass and strength. Thus, this may not be the ideal product for those simply looking to to regulate their testosterone levels.


The ingredients included in Bulasterone are Tribulus Terrestris, D-aspartic acid, Turkersterone, and 6-keto-diosgenin.

Does it work? Is it safe?

The specific formula that Bulasterone uses does contain some ingredients

However, there is not much to suggest that this product can counteract the effects caused by low testosterone that occurs with age. While the product is not completely useless, it is definitely designed towards a younger crowd for extremely different results than simple testosterone supplementation. Still, the product is safe for everyday consumption and should produce no adverse side effects.

Final Conclusion:

Overall, this is by no means your average go-to testosterone supplement product. If you are looking to seriously increase muscle mass and nutrition with a high intensity workout diet, this product may help you. Other than that though, it is not advised to take this product for simple testosterone supplementation.

4 votes


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