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Vitali-T-Aid Review

Vitali-T-Aid “is a solution for supporting free testosterone levels, thereby helping to increase libido and promote muscle health naturally.” We have sent Vitali-T-Aid to one of the most reputable testing facilities in the country to see if it will really increase your testosterone like it claims. You’ll be shocked what our lab reports discovered!

Vitali-T-Aid Ingredients

Vitali-T-Aid contains 600mg of Testofen Fenugreek Extract and a 100mg proprietary blend of Saw Palmetto, Astragalus Root, Phytosterol, Asian Ginseng, Tribulus and L-Arginine. Every single one of the claims on their website circles around the “claims” purported by the makers of the patented Fenugreek extract Testofen. The claims and “clinical studies” surrounding Testofen were nothing short of miraculous.

Tribulus Terrestris and Protodioscin

Most good quality Tribulus will have high saponin content. The main thing to see is how much Protodioscin is in the supplement. Most cheap Tribulus supplements fall short on potency by using leaves and other non-beneficial plant parts.

Protodioscin is the active muscle building compound is twice as high in Tribulus from Turkey, Bulgarian and Macedonian origins. Since Protodioscin is a key component of the Tribulus it should be listed in the ingredients. Most Tribulus will have at least 45% or 55-90 mg of saponins with Protodioscin as a component.

We sent this to a lab to see how much Protodioscin, the testosterone boosting compound in Tribulus, is contained in Vitali-T-Aid. We were shocked, but not surprised to find that it only contains 1.673mg of Protodioscin per capsule. The sweet spot seems to be consuming enough Tribulus so you get between 2.3 and 4.6 milligrams of protodioscin per pound of bodyweight per day. Here is that lab report:

Final Thoughts on Vitali-T-Aid

Grade: C+. Vitali-T-Aid contains the highly suspect ingredient Testofen and a token amount of Tribulus, but it also contains some other ingredients that have been shown to benefit men’s health . Will it work as promised? Is it too much of a risk to throw your money at this product? Like I mentioned earlier, I would hesitate to purchase any product that contains Testofen, escpecially a product like Vitali-T-Aid whose primary ingredient is Testofen. I recommend checking out the lab reports on our “Top Rated” testosterone supplements. They are the ones that contain the most effective testosterone boosting compounds available.

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