Blowing the Lid Off the Low T Clinic Scam Putting Men’s Lives in Danger!!


There has been an absolute explosion of “Low T Centers” opening up around the country. There are a large number of them in Texas and other states in the Southwest Conference states. There a tons of “Low T Center” type doctors all over Florida and California and most likely in the area where you are right now.

Men seeking to turn back the clock and improve their strength, stamina and sex life are turing to testosterone injections. Who can blame them? Having high levels of testosterone is a spectacular feeling. Well, our undercover investigators have discovered the dirty little secret of this industry that they don’t want you to know.


It’s Disgusting!


What these clinics are doing is disgusting. And it’s putting the health and life – literally -its putting the life of many of these men in danger. Here is what they do. When you go to a Low T Center they take a blood test that is supposed to determine your testosterone levels and see if you are a candidate for testosterone injections.

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So the most well know testosterone Low T Center is a running a scam. They used to take blood tests and give men their scores and they discovered that about 48% of the men had a testosterone score that was low enough for them to recommended testosterone injections. So out of every 100 men who walked through the doors and the Texas based Low T Clinic, 48 of them would become customers and sign up for weekly testosterone injections. So 52 men would walk out the door and never become customers.


Then one day everything changed. They discovered if they made a little “tweak” to the testing machine that suddenly instead of 48 qualifying, suddenly 94 out of every 100 would qualify! So men with normal testosterone we given fake scores! These pieces of shit are telling people they have low testosterone and are putting men on testosterone injections when they don’t need them! And once they did this little crooked move with their testing machines – their business EXPLODED! And there are thousands of men walking around that are ticking time bombs that are going to have unbelievable health problems and heart attacks because of some greedy scumbags that are toying with their health! The biggest “Low T” chain in America is not run by a medical doctor – but is owned, operated and controlled by a businessman interested in making as much money as possible so he can attend sporting events in private plane. It’s true.


Fake Scores Can Lead to Heart Attacks and Death!


But the Low T guys out of Texas are not the only ones doing this. We have spoken to and heard from numerous other health professionals who tell us the same thing is going on at places they worked and places they know of. So if you don’t want to take a supplement and want to get an injection or the pellets or use a cream, make sure you are dealing with a top notch well respected doctor. You should skip the cheap clinics and guys that advertise heavily and offer low prices. Go to doctor and get you testosterone levels checked at two different places.


When you test get you tests done at the same time of day. Your testosterone levels are naturally higher early in the day. (Thats why guy get erections in the morning so easily. “Morning wood” is due to testosterone levels being high in the morning. If you get your score done at 10 AM one day and then at 4 PM on another day – your scores will automatically be very different because of the time of day. You should get your tests done in the AM – before noon.


Bottom Line: Unless you have a severe testosterone problem it is best to start with a top supplement. Most men are actually blown away by the power of a “true” testosterone boosting supplement. Most are bogus garbage, but the top one’s make a significant difference you can feel right away. But if you must get shots, make sure you get a second opinion and beware of these clinics.

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